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Longton Business Park/MOT Test Centre
Site Rules – Coronavirus Pandemic

Your co-operation is appreciated in complying with the following site rules, which are intended to
ensure the safety of all persons entering Longton Business Park and Longton MOT Centre.

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, no vehicle will be permitted to enter the Test Centre unless a
prior appointment has been agreed.

All persons presenting a vehicle for testing must remain in the vehicle at all times unless instructed
otherwise by the Test Centre Manager or DVSA Testing Staff.

If you need to leave your vehicle for a valid reason, please wind down your window and ask the
Centre Manager or Testing Staff for permission first.

If you are given permission to leave your vehicle social distancing of at least 2 metres must be

Any person who leaves their vehicle without prior permission will be asked to leave the premises.
There are toilet facilities located in between units 5 and 4C. If you use these facilities, please
ensure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the toilet.


General Site Rules

The site speed limit is 5MPH. Smoking is not permitted.

Due to the presence of moving vehicles all pedestrians must wear a high visibility vest or jacket.
In addition, all drivers and sub-contractors must wear suitable safety shoes or boots.
Please ensure you take extra care during wet, or icy conditions and during hours of darkness.
Only park in designated areas.

Mobile phone use is not permitted whilst driving. Pedestrians using a phone must find a safe place
to do so – away from where vehicles may be passing. Mobile phones must not be used within the
Test Centre due the potentially explosive atmosphere which may be present.

All accidents, incidents or injuries, however minor, must be reported to the Centre Manager and
recorded in the Longton BP Accident Record book as soon as it is practical to do so.

There are first aid facilities within the MOT Centre. The First Aider is: Wayne Derbyshire 

Re-fuelling of vehicles from a jerry can or similar is not permitted.

All spillages must be reported to the Test Centre Manager on 01772 610270.

Never block a fire exit or fire escape route. In the event of a fire or other emergency, assemble at
the Fire Assembly Point located at the front of the business park (fronting the A59).

Vehicles attending the MOT Test Centre must avoid reversing. A turning area is provided at the
top of the business park. Vehicles must enter the business park and drive straight ahead to the
turning area and then drive back towards the MOT Test Centre.

When reversing is unavoidable, the following precautions should be taken:
▪ Use a banksman if possible and agree a system of signals prior to moving the vehicle.
▪ Make sure you can see the banksman at all times.
▪ Check mirrors are clean and correctly positioned.
▪ If no audible warning device is fitted to the vehicle, put on your hazard warning lights.
▪ Maintain low speeds.

Please ensure you exercise caution when passing the loading area where other vehicles may be
manoeuvring or trailers may be loading or unloading.

The safe practice instructions displayed in the unloading area for coupling/uncoupling must be

Keep clear of the open Vehicle Inspection Pits. Entry is only allowed with permission from DVSA
Test personnel.

No height work or climbing on vehicles is permitted. Contact the MOT Centre Manager (Tel.
01772 610270) if you require assistance accessing any high areas.

No unsecured loads are permitted on site. All loads must be suitably strapped or secured.

Running repairs are not permitted without prior authorisation from the DVSA Test personnel.

Drivers presenting for an MOT test must remain in their vehicles at all times unless the DVSA
Tester requests otherwise. Drivers must not leave their vehicle unless they are wearing the correct
PPE. If the correct PPE is not available, our staff may present your vehicle on your behalf. There
will be an extra charge for this service.

Any known vehicle faults must be reported to the MOT Test Centre Office and the DVSA Tester.

I confirm that I have read and understand the above instructions

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