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Vehicles and trailers due an annual test in August, September, October and November 2021

Do some of your vehicles or trailers need to be tested in August, September, October or November this year?

Please read the important information below.

Test availability

Last year we issued exemptions to help keep industry moving during the pandemic.

As a result, test dates are not evenly spread throughout the year and August, September, October and November are significantly busier than usual.

This will put pressure on the wider industry, including those involved in preparing vehicles for test and maintaining them throughout the year, as well as the capacity available at ATFs.

Move your test to May, June or July

In May, June and July, we are expecting much lower test volumes. So ATFs will have more tests available in those months.

For peace of mind, we are advising operators with tests in August, September, October and November to move to May, June or July and avoid the busier months later in the year. Doing this will also help you to avoid issues in future years.

Moving tests to quieter months helps everyone:

  • you guarantee your test date

  • the demand for vehicle maintenance and preparation is spread out during the year

  • ATFs can manage the demand

  • we can get the right levels of staff to ATFs

Check ATF availability

You can now find out if your local ATF or nearby sites have test availability.

Use our Find a test centre for a HGV, bus or trailer MOT on GOV.UK to check availability today.


Testing Continues!

We are back open for testing, but obviously we are extremely busy at the moment as we have 3 months of tests to catch up on. We can only book you in week by week as we are unsure of the amout of tests we will be able to get through daily. If you are in urgent need of a test (such as your vehilce has ran out of test) plese give us a call and we will do our very best to accomadate you and your vehicle. 

DVSA Update - 31st July 2020

HGVs, buses and trailers have been given 3-month exemptions from needing an MOT, as tests were suspended because of coronavirus. This means that the deadline to get your MOT has changed.

You can now book an HGV, bus or trailer MOT as tests have restarted. The deadline to get the test done depends on when the MOT was originally due.

There are different arrangements for car, motorcycle and light vans MOTs.

Test extensions - What you need to know

The table shows the date your vehicle must pass its MOT by, based on when it was originally due.

Orginal MOT                    Date your vehicle                              Reason

due date                           must be tested by

March 2020                      30 September 2020                          Your vehicle has been given two 3-month exemptions

April 2020                         31 October 2020                                Your vehicle has been given two 3-month exemptions

May 2020                          31 August 2020                                  Your vehicle will get one 3-month exemption

June 2020                         30 September 2020                          Your vehicle will get one 3-month exemption

July 2020                          31 October 2020                                 Your vehicle will get one 3-month exemption

August 2020                    30 November 2020                            Your vehicle will get one 3-month exemption

You can check your vehicle or trailer’s MOT history to see when the exemption has been applied. This will be usually be done at the start of the month the MOT was originally due to expire in.

If your vehicle tax is due

You can tax your vehicle straight away if your vehicle tax is due. The MOT exemption will allow you to tax your vehicle.

Transporting dangerous goods

If you have been issued a 3-month MOT exemption, and you do not get your vehicle tested you must apply for a waiver to continue transporting dangerous goods.

What to do if you have not had an exemption

Email the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) if your HGV, bus or trailer did not get an MOT exemption and your MOT expired.

You need to include your:

  • name

  • phone number

  • address

  • vehicle registration number (number plate), vehicle identification number or trailer ID

  • test expiry date

Test exemption error

Make sure your email has the subject heading ‘Test exemption error’.


DVSA Update - 25th March 2020

Dear ATF,


Your lorry, bus or trailer will be exempt from needing an MOT for 3 months from 21 March 2020. You might need to apply for this, depending on your vehicle.

Change made - 
Removed the section on what to do if your vehicle is a ‘PSV with an MOT that expires in March 2020’. These have now had their MOT due date extended by 3-months and no longer need to apply for an exemption. Made it clear that you can tax your vehicle immediately if your MOT exemption has been issued.


DVSA Update - 24th March 2020

Dear ATF,

Due to the current exceptional circumstances, these temporary instructions for prohibition removal shall be used until further notice.
Prohibition removal for heavy goods vehicles & public service vehicles which have been allowed to continue their journey after an inspection by the DVSA.

1. Read the prohibition notice carefully.
2. Ensure all defects on the prohibition notice are rectified.
3. Ensure the vehicle and/or trailer is clear of all defects and is fit for the road.
4. You will need to provide a vehicle and or trailer inspection report, post-dating the prohibition notice declaring that the vehicle or trailer is roadworthy.
5. You will also need to provide evidence of the repairs.
6. Evidence of all repairs and the inspection report should be E-mailed, to to request the removal of a prohibition notice.
7. Evidence of repairs maybe in the form of workshop bill/invoice and/or parts bill/invoice and/or accompanied by photographs of the completed repairs.
8. If the evidence of your inspection and repairs is accepted, you will receive an email confirming the prohibition has been removed, you will also receive a copy of the removal notice in the post.
9. If evidence of inspection and/or repairs is not accepted, you may need to submit additional evidence, where a further request for removal of a prohibition notice will need to be submitted, in these cases, please refer to instruction


DVSA Update - March 23rd 2020

Dear ATF,

Following the email issued on Friday 20th March, I am writing to confirm the following.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic DVSA has taken the decision to suspend heavy vehicle testing all Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGV), trailers and Public Service Vehicles (PSV) for up to 3 months.
DVSA has taken the difficult decision to suspend heavy vehicle testing for 3 months, with immediate effect, invoking Clause 13, Force Majeure, of the contract between DVSA and the Authorised Testing Facilities where these tests are carried out.
From 21 March all HGVs, trailers and PSVs with an annual test to expire in a particular month will be issued with a 3-month certificate of exemption (CTE) until further notice.
We want to ensure that all heavy vehicles and trailers remain legal whilst the country deals with the COVID-19 outbreak. So DVSA will be implementing the provisions within the Plating and Testing Regulations and Motor Vehicle Test Regulations which provide for HGVs, trailers and PSVs to be exempted from the annual roadworthiness test.
Paper certificates will not be re-issued for HGVs, trailers and PSVs but we will amend the digital record so that vehicles can continue to operate.
We’ll be issuing further guidance in due course regarding the exemption process.
We know that the annual test is an important part of your business but, as we are sure you will understand, these are exceptional circumstances. DVSA will refund all reservation fees for events scheduled from 21 March 2020.

Until notified you don’t need to ask us for additional testing capacity while exemptions are being issued.


Please visit WWW.GOV.UK for the latest information. 

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